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Cameron Michelle Carroll


   Hi there, my name is Cammy Carroll and I’m a senior history major at the University of Mary Washington. I will be graduating with a Bachelor of Arts in history this coming May (2012).

Whenever I tell someone that I am a history major, the follow-up question from them is always, “Oh, so you want to teach?”

I have nothing but respect for the teaching profession, but my answer is a resounding “no.” My experience at Mary Washington has taught me that my skills as a history major extend beyond the classroom. Perhaps with the exception of English, no other major prepares students so well for the type of analytic writing that is in high demand in the workforce and underrepresented by our peers. The fine art of an informative paper that clearly tailors complex material to an audience’s needs is lost to many young people in the waves of low-standard internet writing and txtspeak. The rigorous writing demands of my university have prepared me to take on the analytic challenges of the workplace with professionalism, clarity, objectivity…and a touch of humor. History majors are more than dusty volumes in lonely corners. We are dynamic individuals with the skills the workplace needs and with balanced personalities to boot.

I, for one, am a history major ready to face the world.


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